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How to Style Plants Throughout Your Home

Adding plants throughout your home adds a really nice touch of personality and coziness. Visually, it adds complexity to the shapes and textures you have in your home. I personally love to add greenery because it feels very organic and refreshing while providing fresh air for you and your family.

If you are ready to add some plants in your home, but aren’t sure where to begin, let’s take a dive into the best types of greenery for your home, where to buy them and where to place them.

Oversized Tree

An oversized tree is a fantastic way to add a lot of drama to your space. I usually put oversized trees in larger rooms like dining rooms or living rooms. If tall enough, they will help draw the eye up and highlight the height of your room.

If you are ready to get your hands on a live tree, call up your local greenhouse or do an online search: a lot of plants can be ordered online. My favorite types of oversized trees include Fiddle Leaf Fig, Olive, Ficus Alii and Ficus Audrey. Also, ain’t no shame in the faux plant game! There are some great faux options out there, but I do suggest splurging because a bad fake plant can be spotted a mile away.

Fresh Cut Flowers

A classic choice is to incorporate fresh cut flowers in your space. This is my personal favorite way to add plants into a space. I especially love fresh flowers in a kitchen and bedroom. I think they add such a sweet touch to any room and I feel that much closer to living my best Coastal Grandmother/Ina Garten/Nancy Meyers’ movie life. (If you know, you know.)

Fresh flowers are fantastic because there are countless sources for pulling together a beautiful bouquet: local florist, grocery store or your own garden. In most of our projects, we have sourced from either a local florist or pulled together a DIY bouquet from a high end grocery store. I also think there are some fantastic faux options out there like this one and this one. Again, these are worth splurging on because of their longevity and high quality.

House Plants

Incorporating smaller house plants throughout your home is a lovely way to add variation. I recommend not overdoing it (avoid more than 3 plants per space), but it is a slipper slope once you start falling in love with all the varieties. I especially love floral branches, ferns, succulents and the Pilea Peperomioides Plant. My favorite plants have been found at our local greenhouse, Trader Joe’s, online or our local farmer’s market.

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