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Saratoga Home Reveal: 3 Ways to Create an Inviting Home

Today we are sharing the reveal of a lovely Saratoga Springs home we completed decorating last year. There are many elements of this home that I could highlight, but what I wanted to address is what most homeowners strive for: how to create an inviting home.

Almost every single client I have sat down with, for their initial consultation, has said they want their space to be inviting for friends and family. This really rings true to me for me as well. After the pandemic, I have really focused on hosting more gatherings in my home. With that, I want my guests to instantly feel relaxed and joyful upon entering my home. I want it to feel like a treat to be together because, well, it is!

A home is truly an extension of ourselves and there are a few elements in this home you could reach for in your space to make it a warm inviting space.

saratoga springs interior

# 1 Fresh Flowers, Fruits and Live Trees

If you want to create an inviting home, I highly recommend grabbing a bouquet of flowers or styling a wooden bowl full of fruit. It shows that you’re putting in extra effort to make your space feel special. I also love adding a real or faux tree to the space. In this home, we added a fiddle leaf fig tree and olive tree. I think both are great because they add height and interest to the space.

accent chair and olive tree saratoga springs

#2 A Beautiful Dining Area

In my dream world, every home would have a really special dining space for the family that lives there. Aside from my love of eating and drinking, my fondest memories have happened around the dinner table with friends and family. Setting up that space is the first step towards creating those moments.

Create an inviting home and dining area with bold design choices, lots of seating and materials that create a feeling of ease and fun.

saratoga springs dining room

#3 Add Layers to Your Home

It’s important to add layers in your home to give a it depth and that Hygge feeling of cozy. Just like we did in The Denver Home: Primary Bedroom, you want your space to offer plenty of opportunities to cozy up and relax.

Here are some of my favorite layers to add:

  • Textiles: rugs, window treatments, throw blankets, throw pillows
  • Style Pieces: coffee table books, personal collections, little boxes, family pictures
saratoga springs living room
saratoga springs window treatments

Thanks for reading along. I hope you find a few easy takeaways.

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Photography: Shawn LaChapelle

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