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How to Design the Perfect Nursery in 4 Easy Steps

It’s time to design the perfect nursery and you don’t know where to begin. Here is a seamless outline to design the perfect nursery in 4 easy steps. Sit back, relax and enjoy while you prop those feet and indulge in your favorite Ben and Jerry’s.

How to Design the Perfect Nursery

Design the Perfect Nursery

1. First, pick a statement piece (wallpaper, rug, painting) that you will build everything around. This will also help you decide the style. In Clementine’s nursery, we started with that beautiful wallpaper from Anthropologie. Everything else in the room is muted to really let the star steal the show. This wallpaper determined that our style was going to be feminine and classic.

Design the Perfect Nursery2. Secondly, decide on wall color. Choose a neutral wall color and get that color desaturated with a matte finish. Colors always look brighter than they do on the samples.

Design the Perfect Nursery

3. Then, pick light colored, furniture (even if you’re having a boy). There’s nothing more depressing than dark wood in a nursery. Save it for the man cave people. This is the sanctuary of your precious sweet angel baby! Also, don’t feel the need to buy a set for a crib, dresser and side table. Just make sure they either match (color, material, look) or distinctively contrast.

white nursery furniture

4. Lastly, pick out accessories (hardware, light fixture, pillows, throws, books, wall art, etc.) This is a really great time to get fun with your accessories and make it your own. Just be sure to go back to your statement piece and style of the nursery. Are you looking to create a modern nursery? Boho? Feminine? Classic? Eclectic? Try avoiding big box stores for accessories and find more unique pieces on places like Etsy, small local children stores or local artists.

Design the Perfect Nursery

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