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3 Steps to Your Autumn Inspired Front Porch

It is September, and although we have enjoyed the summer months, it is time to start thinking about cooler temps, cozy sweaters and our home. I’m pretty sure fall decorating is something we can all get behind.

#1 Add a Harvest Themed Wreath

Sometimes the simplest touches, such as adding the right season wreath to your door can make all the difference. Say goodbye to your summer themed wreath most likely adorned with brightly colored flowers, and bring in the more muted tones of fall. It’s easy to forget to prioritize the small details. Great decor is really built on a lot of attended tiny details.

#2 Add Planted Mums to Your Walkway

Adding planted mums and other garden accessories can add color and dimension to your front walkway. Mums are the perfect plant for the fall months because they are easy to maintain and grow well in the colder weather. In the local Saratoga Springs area, you can find your mums at Sunnyside Gardens. While you are there, it is essential to grab pumpkins and ghords to add in throughout your plants to really get into the fall spirit!

#3 Add a Doormat

Adding a rug to your front door not only adds decoration and focus to your doorway, but it is also practical for guests to dry their shoes before entering your home. Getting a monogrammed rug is a great way to personalize the entry way of your home and make it your own! You can order your rug at Williams Sonoma and have your doormat shipped right to you.

These tips may seem to be easy, and let’s be real, they are easy, but what we have to remember is how much impact the small details can have on a space or area. Three elements can transform your front door from boring to fabulous in less than a days work. Now is your time to go and fix up your front door before all your guests arrive for your fall dinner parties.

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