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The 7 Paint Colors You Need

Choosing a paint color for your space can be difficult. This is your guide to picking out the color palette of the room you are dying to re-do.

One of the most important aspects to choosing a paint color is the lighting in the space. This can either be natural or unnatural. Lighting directly effects how paint colors look on the wall. Therefore, you may like how the color looks in the store, but when brought into your space, it may look completely different.

Sherwin Williams is always a reliable source when purchasing paint. Here are colors pulled from their inspiration gallery on their website.


Paint Color Ideas for Spaces Around Your Home:


This modern kitchen incorporates shades of grey, as well as using a pop of pink. Using a subtle pop of color can enhance your space.


This Neutral bedroom is bright and welcoming without using an overwhelming paint color. Typically in a bedroom space, there is a want for comfort. By choosing a bright but natural color, you can create the serene vibe you are wishing for.


Creating a pleasant entry way is a way to make your house feel more elegant. This is the first thing your visitors will see. Therefore, adding a bold color or statement wall in this space will have your visitors intrigued to what’s around the corner.


Your dining room or eating area should be a place in which you want to entertain, whether it is for Sunday family dinners or Friday evening cocktails. Either way, make this the spot that laughs and long talks occur. Using a darker color in this space can make it feel warm, which tends to make people feel comfortable.

Tell me below: what’s your go-to paint color? 

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