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The 5 Must Have Elements of a Classic Saratoga Home

August is here, and a Saratoga Summer would not be complete without our classic Saratoga homes beaming with pride as people come near and far to enjoy track season, window shopping and fine dining. One of of the greatest things about our city is our beautiful historic homes that have been the backdrop to Saratoga track season since 1863.

If you’re hoping to cultivate a beautiful and classic Saratoga look to your home, check out the 7 must have elements of a classic Saratoga home.

Old Victorian Aesthetic

Mark Sikes Design

Saratoga is known for its historic features and prides itself in preserving these features throughout town. An old Victorian home is the style of homes you will see on North Broadway and throughout our beautiful city. Most of these homes have been around for decades, boasting character and charm.

The Front Porch

Designing Tips for Your Front Porch With HGTV

When thinking of the classic home in Saratoga, the first thing that comes to mind is a big wrap-around front porch. Normally this porch is used for entertaining guests, watching people walk to the horse track and movie nights.

The Jockey Statue

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

How many small jockey statues can you find this summer in Saratoga? Tons! This is one of the most quintessential Saratoga design elements. We love cultivating a sense of pride through honoring the track and horses through décor, and nothing does it better than the small jockey peppered through our neighborhoods. Looking for a great Jockey for purchase? One of the most popular places in town to get your very own lawn jockey is at Saratoga Signature Interiors. If you are just looking to spot these jockeys, take a ride down Union Ave. At 191 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs you will find the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Here there is a sea full of jockey statues!

The Hanging Fern

Feel the FERN, baby! A must for any classic Saratoga home, is a porch filled with a hanging fern. This is a way to add privacy as well as color throughout your outdoor space. Ferns are easy to maintain and grow well throughout the summer and fall season.

Printed Fabrics

Mark Sikes Montecito Collection No. 2

Printed fabrics are all over what we would consider a classic Saratoga home. Most of the fabrics that would fit into this category are within a classic Victorian style. An updated version would be a bit more of a preppy style: blues and whites. Rugs, drapery and pillows are common aspects of a home where printed fabrics can be found. With these detailed patterns, the space screams luxury and beauty.

Which element will you be incorporating into your home? Let us know below.


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