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Get in the Spirit with Beautiful Christmas Tablescape Ideas

As we get closer to December, our thoughts turn to decorating for Christmas. And that means figuring out how to make the dining table look good enough for that special meal with family and friends.

Holiday tablescapes are so much fun to create, especially Christmas tables, because they can be totally irresistible. That includes Christmas  tablescapes ideas in all styles, from traditional to contemporary. They each have their own unique appeal, whether it’s elegant glam or modern farmhouse. Today, let’s take a look at eight random Christmas tablescapes that caught our attention:


Traditionally Speaking

The first is a beautiful, but quite simple, red and white table. Some of our favorite decorations are shiny tree ornaments, repurposed for the Christmas table. Here, deep red globes of various sizes are suspended by ribbons from twin wrought iron lantern chandeliers that hang above the table. Then, green and red decorate the table and chair backs. It’s a festive look, don’t you think? This smart idea could be easily adapted to your dining room.


Au Naturel

Nature reigns at this farmhouse table. A beautiful neutral palette is just right for this tablescape with greenery entwined among white pillars and golden candlesticks with white tapers. No pops of color needed here. This lovely setting will be all about the menu–a great backdrop to allow the food to shine.


Pattern Play

Above is one of those Christmas tablescape ideas that again incorporates red tree ornaments. These, along with bits and pieces of greenery, are hung from a gorgeous rectangular caged chandelier. The table is even more simple than the one in the first image above, with a solid red table runner underneath assorted candlesticks holding white tapers. We love the plaid bowls–a great addition. Adding toss pillows in holiday hues to the slipcovered dining chairs is a beautiful touch and comfortable too. 


Best of Both Worlds

Who knew a merging of rustic and glam would be so stunning. But it works exceptionally well in the outdoor setting below. This table takes the best of both styles and creates a beautiful new look. We love how natural elements and glam elements come together seamlessly as if they belong side by side. We’re captivated by the “snowy” elegant gingerbread house cake. Notice the different holiday touches on the table, miniature trees, and presents “wrapped with care.” and And a fresh, crisp table runner (or tablecloth) always elevates a dinner table, whether it’s for a holiday or not.


All that Glitters

A glittering “forest” of miniature Christmas trees creates the backdrop for this holiday tablescape. Who doesn’t love Christmas trees of all sizes? We haven’t seen this creative idea before. It’s fascinating. Small evergreen wreaths complete the lovely picture. Again this idea could easily fit into any style, traditional (evergreen trees of all shapes) or country with that appealing homespun look, for example.


Baubles & Beads

Above is a Christmas table all decked out in crystal, silver, and snowy white. Even the snowflakes look glamorous interspersed with baubles and dangles. Is that a crystal-shaded lamp in the center of the table? You could let your imagination go wild with this idea and use everything you have that fits this theme. In this case, more is more.


A Taste for the Dramatic

Bringing black onto a Christmas tablescape is an unexpected choice of color to go with green and white for the holidays, but it really works here. The reindeer salad plates are a great touch, as are the black lattice-trimmed white napkins. If you look closely, you can see black and white houndstooth. 

No matter whether we’re looking for an idea around which to create a tablescape for this year’s upcoming holiday season or just browsing, discovering stunning Christmas tables is something we never tire of. We hope you enjoyed our little Christmas tablescape ideas tour. Just a word about color–many folks want nothing but traditional red, white and green. However, you can use your favorite colors for Christmas decorations and tablescapes. Just go with what makes you happy. Enjoy the journey.

Have a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

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