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10 Spooky Yet Beautiful Decor Ideas for Halloween

Love celebrating holidays throughout the year and entertaining with a distinctive, fun theme, but don’t do kitsch? Then using beautiful Halloween decorations may be just right for you. 

We don’t often associate spooky with beauty and elegance, but it’s an exciting idea to explore. Think–keeping the stylish feel of your home while going for a slightly scary, uncanny, or ghostly look. Here are ten spooky ideas to inspire you:

1. Broom Parking

This is such a fun way to greet guests and family either outside the front door or inside the foyer. Add a sign that denotes a convenient place for visiting witches to park their brooms. Of course, a few interesting brooms already parked underneath the sign illustrates the “proper” way to stash a broom. 


2. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Near the top of any list of beautiful Halloween decorations has to be pumpkins. Big orange pumpkins are synonymous with fall and Halloween, but we’re talking about more glitzy, elegant ones. Such as those in white and other unexpected colors made of velvet, clear glass with mini-light curled inside, or perhaps black or gold ceramic, as shown above, to name just a few.

Scatter these gorgeous pumpkins throughout your decor or create a pile of them anywhere you want a little drama.


3. Candlesticks, Skulls & Bones

Other spooky Halloween decor ideas include an elegant and easy vignette that can be created in the entryway on a console table or anywhere a tabletop is available. 

Whether you prefer to go diminutive on a coffee table or expansive on the dining table, the beauty of the tabletop vignette is its versatility and ease in setting up. 

A tabletop display also allows you to use some of your most beautiful decorative objects. So, pull out those special occasion silver candlesticks and accent them with a few macabre touches such as skulls and faux bones!


4. Bats & Bar Carts

It’s effortless to add a dark and sinister look to your elegant bar cart. Just mix in a few spooky touches like a gold skull or two, a witch’s hat here and there and maybe a few bats on the wall above.


5. Haunting the Mantle

When it comes to the perfect spot for any holiday decorating, the fireplace and the mantle above come to mind immediately. This is another place where you can go for small haunting touches or create a massive dark and scary vignette that includes your spookiest ideas. Either way or somewhere in between will work beautifully. It’s up to you.


6. Slightly Spooky in the Living Room 

A living room can be decorated for Halloween with just a few pillows added in among those already tossed on the sofa. Think about fun patterns and embroidered lettering spelling out words like Boo! A bit of torn gauzy fabric hung about and maybe a spider or two, and you should be all set.

7. Murder Mystery Dinner

A tablescape and surrounding decor for a murder mystery dinner should bring together your desire to decorate for Halloween and entertain with a theme. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

8. Halloween Tree

If you’re feeling ambitious, pull out your Christmas tree early and trim it with spooky handmade or store-bought ornaments.


9. Darkly Elegant at the Table

This is an idea you can use throughout the year but would work exceptionally well tor a Halloween dinner. This one is all about the dark theme, so you can go as elegant or as informal as you wish. Isn’t the rose on the plate in the tablescape shown above a perfect touch?

10. Hauntingly Dark Decor

If you love dark and moody everyday rooms and often search online for black decor ideas, you’ll find those lovely dark spaces are so easy to add spooky touches to for this scary holiday.

When Halloween has passed, there’s still time to return to your autumn decor before you turn up the warm and cozy vibe for winter. If you haven’t added lovely fall touches to your interior spaces yet, you might enjoy this, Decorating for Fall: 5 Foliage & Flower Ideas. Have fun with your seasonal decorating.

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