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Design Style: Traditional

The importance of knowing your design style is critical. Whether working with a designer or doing everything yourself, your design style leads you from concept to completion. Join me as I dive into my favorite design styles. My hope is that they serve as a springboard for your next project.

Hey there,

Today we are wrapping up our design series with the final design style: Traditional.  Maybe you haven’t felt connected to California Casual, Modern Traditional or Farmhouse styles. If you find yourself loving classic looks and things of the past, then this may just be for you. One of my favorite thing about traditional is: it’s difficult to go wrong. It’s timeless, elegant and fairly easily executed because the vision is so specific. No grey area over here (figuratively, not literally).

Design Style: Traditional


    • Dark, Rich Colors
    • European Influence
    • Ornate and Architectural Elements
    • Elegant Furnishings
    • Symmetry
    • Upholstered Furniture
Emily Henderson Brown Color Trend Interior 10

Source: Em Henderson

traditional dining room interior design

Source: Decor Aid

Is this style right for you?

  • Was your favorite vacation exploring castles throughout Europe?
  • Is your closet filled with elegant pieces, beautiful jewelry and timeless accessories?
  • Do you love to host dinner parties and laugh over your favorite bottle of wine?
  • Do you find beauty in big furniture pieces, ornate patterns and symmetry?

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xoxo, E

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