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Design Style: Farmhouse

The importance of knowing your design style is critical. Whether working with a designer or doing everything yourself, your design style leads you from concept to completion. Join me as I dive into my favorite design styles. My hope is that they serve as a springboard for your next project.

Hey, hey, hey!

Today we are checking out the ever famous Farmhouse style. I know, I know.  You may be cringing, or at least that can be my initial reaction after the explosion of farmhouse from shows like Fixer Upper and every big box store over doing it on the hand painted signs and Mason Jar everything. It can be so wrong, but it can also be oh SO right. Tread carefully, folks.

If you felt really in tune with California Casual style then this post probably isn’t for you. If you loved Modern Traditional, you may find yourself dipping your toes in these waters.

I have come to embrace farmhouse style because I live in a country house that was built in 1812. I have tried to infuse different styles in my home, but it just doesn’t work. When we moved in, I wanted my dining space to be industrial, but it was all wrong. After painting the walls a moody dark blue, getting a concrete dining table and industrial style chairs…..it was terrible. Hearts were broken, it was back to the paint store, etc. etc.

Industrial Style ettie and co

Trying to make a farmhouse dining space industrial does not work 🙁

I switched my mindset and realized I had to let the home dictate my design decisions, and this house is everything farmhouse: original wide planked hardwood flooring, separate rooms, old locks and door knobs….We re-did the space in a light grey from Benjamin Moore, got a beautiful worn table, slipcovered chairs and haven’t looked back since.

Farmhouse Dining ettie and co


As I continue to respect the bones of my home, I tend to do a farmhouse style mostly. In order to avoid falling into the too popular and trendy side of farmhouse, I have a few steadfast rules:

  • Think organic
    • Is it incorporating nature/wood tones/natural beauty?
  • Think local
    • Try to buy unique items locally-especially at places like flea markets and antique stores
  • For the love of God, only 1 (if any) signs with sayings on them
    • You do not need to announce the title of each room with a sign
  • Stick to a really light color palette
    • White, creams, oak colored wood, etc
  • Be conscious of clutter
    • Less is usually more
    • Chuck your great aunt’s kitty collection

Design Style: Farmhouse


  • Antique Pieces
  • Light Colored Paint
  • Varying Sizes
  • Exposed and Raw Wood
  • Dark Accent Colors
  • Industrial Style Pendants
Farmhouse Tyle

Source: Country Living

Farmhouse Tyle

Source: Country Living

HGTV Fixer Upper - Season 4, Episode 4

Source: HGTV

Is this style right for you?

  • Did you just come in from collecting your daily eggs at the chicken coop?
  • Is your closet filled with cozy flannels and denim jeans?
  • Do you treasure worn and weathered items from the past?
  • Are you nostalgic?

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Keep checking in over the next few weeks as we take a closer look at the last of this design series-traditional.

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xoxo, E

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