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My name is Eteannette. I am a Saratoga Springs, NY based interior designer sharing all things interiors with a side of lifestyle. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy. Sign up for my newsletter at 
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My Saratoga Seven…

  1. Hello there! My name is Eteannette Seymour. My friends call me Ettie. Not to be confused with “Eddy.” It’s a hard /t/ people.
  2. I am an interior designer in Saratoga Springs, NY. Mark this as my first official blogpost for Ettie & Co. “My Saratoga Seven” is a blog series highlighting projects, personal topics and anything else that strikes me. Hold on to your racing day hat! I am a loose cannon.
  3. Joke of the week: What did the Buddhist ask the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything. (As a meditation and processed meat enthusiast, I giggled)
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    Styling the finishing touches for my daughter’s nursery. My favorite project to date.

  5. This week’s inspiration has to be all the signs of spring slowly coming out of hibernation. I am so ready for warmer weather, but find myself still enjoying the coziness of thick socks and soup. But come on nature, it is April!  My dear friend helped me plant a variety of daffodils and they are making their way up! I also ordered heirloom seeds from Floret Farms in Washington state. I bought the seed collection in Salmon Rose, and if these really take off, YOU GUYS, I will be gushing over these blooms all summer!


    Image Source: Floret Farms

  6. Favorite recipe of the week was most certainly this lamb stew from Ina Garten. It wasn’t half baaaa-d.
  7. Speaking of lambs, a friend just told me about the Washington County Fiber Tour. This is about 20 minutes outside of Saratoga Springs. You basically drive from farm to farm to meet all of the different animals: alpacas, goats, and, yes, even lambs. Don’t worry. I won’t be passing out my recipe. I am so excited to take Clementine. I sent Justin an email at work and all it said was “We have to go to this.” with the link. (What has my life become? The things that get my goating.)

    Image Source: Barefoot Blonde

    Have an incredible week! Thank you all for your love and support as I take on these new adventures. If you haven’t had a chance, do sign up for my newsletter. You can do this through the pop-up form on my webpage. You don’t want to miss all the funny jokes and insider pics comin’ at yah’.

xoxo, eteannette

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